Utility Warehouse 0906 Premium Tariff
January 2021
 incl VATexcl VAT 
DestinationPeakEveningPeak WeekendEvening WeekendPeakEveningPeak WeekendEvening WeekendNotes (see below)


Voice Text Service (180010) (nat)50.40p42.00p1
Voice Text Service (180020) (nat)50.40p42.00p1
Serviceplus (nat)50.40p42.00p1
Voice Text Service (nat)50.40p42.00p1

Special rate 08

Special Rate 084 (nat)50.40p42.00p1
Notes (prices shown inc VAT)
Call times - Peak 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, Evening 7pm to 7am Monday to Friday, Evening Weekend 7pm to 7am Saturday & Sunday, Peak Weekend 7am to 7pm Saturday & Sunday
1Charged in 1 second units. Minimum call duration of 1 seconds. Calls not rounded and calcualated to 1/10p.